Managed Forex Accounts

Join the pros and make money in Forex without investing your time and effort. Easily and with full control over your account.

Comfortable forex trading

If you are a forex beginner or you have limited time to constantly watch the markets, our managed forex accounts service is an ideal choice for you. Simply choose how much money you wist to invest and all the heavy lifting is upon us. What you will love about MFA is that you pay only if you are in profit and all your money is in your hands all the time.

Full control of your account

We understand the requirements of our clients that is why we chose a proven, certified, experienced broker specialised on currency pairs trading.

Forget about the times when you sent your money to a company trading account with no access. We guarantee the maximum risk of 50%, full control via your own account and the possibility to manipulate with your money 24/7.

Feasible goals (no crazy profits)

You will never get crazy trading numbers from us, our declared profit is based on real numbers from live accounts dated back to 2009

One of the very basic methods how to distinct a bigmouth form a real pro is the feasibility of the promised profits. If you want to be on the safe side, always verify the trading history of your trading partner.

Long history of results (since 2009)

We always play fair and do not hide anything. You can simply watch our entire trading history via live accounts statements.

Our success is based on the full trust of our clients. To make you fully understand our trading decisions and strategies we published all our profitable and losing periods from our very first steps in the waters of forex trading.

No payment for our services

You do not have to pay anything for our services. We are paif by the broker. All the profit accumulated on your account is yours

Lets be realistic, it is just impossible to trade forex without any risk at all. In order to make this risk acceptable for our clients, we decreased the total risk rate on your account to 50% at maximum. During the entire cooperation with us, you have a detailed overview of our money management.

Reliable European broker (Swissquote)

Swissquote belongs to the world leader in the forex and commodities trading providing secure online environment with over 220 000 active traders.

When selecting our broker, we determined very strict criteria. The partnership with Swissquote combines almost 20 years of experience, high level of security and transparency with their tight spreads, instant order execution and immediate support in several world languages.

Easy transfers and withdrawals via bank card

Long international money transfers taking several days to execute belong to the past. With our broker you are able to withdraw your money very quickly and comfortably

Your money is at your disposal 24 hours a day ready for immediate withdrawl. The universal transfer fee is 50 Eur, tax included, without regard to the total amount being sent.

Forex Account Management Pricing

All the money and account management is upon us. You dont have to pay anything, you have no initial costs on the trading. All the profit accumulated on your account is yours. You dont have to pay anything. We are paid by the broker.

  • Basic conditions

    The minimum tradable account size is 5.000 EUR or the equivalent in any other currency. The reason is that any account smaller than 5.000 EUR cannot be traded safely. Your account may be in any currency you wish. However, EUR and USD are preferred.

  • Fair price

    We offer a fair price based on our success ratio and increasing our trading motivation. We do not target single provisions from your trading. We are paid by the broker depending on our success ratio.

  • Guarantees

    We guarantee that you will not lose more than 50% of your total account size in case all the strategies we use at a time collapse. Our main guarantee is our history, we offer complete results until now as a proof of our trading abilities.

How to start

We hope you're already fully interested in, starting with Managed Forex Accounts is superfast - just follow the easy 3-step process and after fullfiling all instructions from Swissquote we're ready to make some rock'n'roll

1 / Create your account

In first step you need to create your Swissquote account, please fill in all the form required fields and choose individual or personal account.

2 / Follow the instructions

IYou will be contacted by a Swissquote with detailed instructions. In case you have more questions, contact us or Authorized Swissquote Officer

3 / Congrats, you're done

IYour account will be opened and you will be instructed how to make a transfer. After your account is loaded, contact us and we can start to trade

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